We are AAHA Accredited!

AAHA Accreditation means that we are dedicated to providing the highest level of care to your four-legged family. Stop in soon to experience the Animal Doctor difference!

Have We Seen Your Cat Lately?

Over half of the pets in America today are cats. In fact, there are ten million more cats in homes than dogs. However, compared to dogs, nearly three times as many cats did not receive any veterinary care in the past year. This is especially detrimental, as cats hide illness instinctively, and can be very sick and debilitated before you see any signs at home. This likely occurs because cats become fearful and difficult to transport to the vet. We recommend annual veterinary visits to evaluate your cat for underlying conditions and promote their quality and quantity of life. Indoor cats are just as susceptible to illness as outdoor cats.

At Animal Doctor, we have implemented many recommendations from the Catalyst Council, a feline welfare organization, to become a “Cat Friendly Practice” and promote a more peaceful visit to the veterinarian, for both you and your pet. We have transformed Exam Room 1 into a “Cat Oasis.” The Cat Oasis is cats-only, to prevent odors from other pets which may be alarming to your cat. The Cat Oasis features a Feliway adapter which releases a calming feline pheromone that only your cat can detect. This quiet room has been equipped with a custom cat tree, special cat toys, and treats to make the visit fun for everyone. We have also trained our staff in handling techniques to reduce stress.

Visit the Catalyst Council Website for more information, particularly helpful videos, like how to encourage your cat into the carrier before your visit. We encourage you to bring your cat in today!

Follow this link to the AAFP website to see why choosing a Cat Friendly Practice is important!