Pet Boarding

Our spacious, clean kennel areas are indoor and climate controlled. Dogs and cats are housed in separate sections of the hospital to decrease stress. Baffles are used to decrease noise and provide a peaceful stay. Kennels are fabricated from aluminum and plastic to be as safe as possible. Every day all pets receive fresh linen bedding, along with food and water matching your schedule. We feed dogs Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach food or you can bring your own. Dogs are walked three times daily. Kennels are ground level and six feet high, measuring 3’ x 5’ or 3’ x 7’. Your pets can be housed together or separately per your request. Cat condos offer interactive walk through areas and hiding spots to make them feel safe.

We are happy to provide special needs boarding. Every day our trained kennel technicians keep detailed notes about your pet’s status and quickly inform one of our veterinarians if anything is out of order. We are also happy to provide medical services while you are out of town.

Please let us know if you would like a tour.

Leaving your pet is a stressful process- let us make it a little easier on you!