Description: Animal Doctor is now offering echocardiograms (cardiac ultrasounds) to assess your pet’s cardiac health.

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How to know if my pet needs a cardiac ultrasound? If your pet is newly diagnosed with a heart murmur, your pet’s cardiac health is declining, or other concerning cardiac symptoms are observed.

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What does a cardiac ultrasound evaluate?

  • Cardiac chamber size (atria, ventricles)

  • Cardiac chamber thickness

  • Evaluation of the valves throughout the heart for abnormalities, thickening, tearing, prolapse, etc.

  • Evaluation for regurgitation of blood flow between cardiac chambers

  • Scanning for cardiac masses

  • Checking for fluid in the pericardial sac (the sac surrounding the heart)

What does this evaluation help with?

  • With this information, we can better address your pet’s cardiac disease and overall health.

What are potential treatment plans?

Oral medications

  • ...

Dietary Changes

  • ...


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What are the risks if cardiac conditions are left unmanaged?

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Animal Doctor Provider

Dr. Klosterman