Neuter (Orchiectomy/Castration)

Animal Doctor provides neuter services for felines and canines. We accept referrals and provide second opinions.

Description: Neutering is a surgical procedure under anesthesia for males to remove the testicles and provide sterilization.

Why should I neuter my pet? While your pet will no longer be able to reproduce, their overall health is a key reason to consider the procedure. Other benefits include improved behavior, elimination of unwanted pregnancies and neglected pets, and decreased risk for certain cancers and infections. Your pet will live a longer, healthier, more socialized lifestyle.

When should I neuter my pet? Animal Doctor recommends that male cats should be neutered prior to 6 months of age (puberty). Male dogs that are small to medium sized should be neutered between 4-6 months of age. Large and giant breeds should be fixed a little later; at 1-2 years of age to allow for stronger ligaments, tendons, and joints, as well as more muscle development.

Animal Doctor Neuter
Animal Doctor Neuter

How do I Schedule?

  • To schedule an appointment, you will call one of the Animal Doctor locations.
  • If you are a new client , a member of our team will create you an account and request your pets records.
  • All clients will be asked about pre-anesthetic testing, IV fluid administration, and microchipping (all of which are additional charges). At this point the client may request an estimate for the procedure if desired.

What will happen the day of surgery?

  • We ask that you withhold food after 9pm the night before surgery.
  • Please drop off your pet at the Animal Doctor location between 7:30am and 8:00am the morning of surgery.
  • Your pet will be able to go home later that day, but may be more tired that evening or have a decreased appetite.
  • Please keep your pet quiet for a week to allow them to heal properly. All closures will be made internally with absorbable suture material, so no follow up is required!

What will be sent home with me?

Oral medications

  • Oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for pain and inflammation will be sent home to start the next morning.

E-collar (dogs only)

  • "The cone of shame" is usually sent home to be worn at all times, unless your pet is being directly supervised.

What are the risks if I don't neuter my pet? Neutering your pet does not deprive him of any element of life that he is aware of or needs.

 If you choose not to neuter your pet will have an increased risk of the following:

    • Aggression towards other males and dominance problems may start between you and your intact male dog as he challenges your position in the home.
    • Marking their territory and this behavior begins to mature sexually.
    • Cats will also spray and their urine has a very potent odor that is very hard to remove from the environment
    • Males that are not neutered will also attempt to mount at times of excitement
    • Prostatic cancer
    • The likelihood to roam
    • Testicular cancer