OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America Certification

Animal Doctor provides OFA Certification Testing. Hip/Elbow Dysplasia - Patellar Luxation. We accept referrals and provide second opinions.

Description: OFA is a database designed to achieve better breeding practices by reducing the incidence of several genetic diseases. Screening your pet prior to breeding will help to ensure their offspring are free of common inherited disorders such as; hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia. All pets that have abnormal results should be spayed or neuter to eliminate those genes and provide for a healthier breed standard.

Animal Doctor OFA Testing
Animal Doctor OFA Testing


  • To be certified with a breed registration number from OFA your pet needs to be 24months or older and females should not be in heat at the time radiographs are taken.
  • Occasionally it is beneficial to have early knowledge of hip/elbow status for choosing puppies or kittens for show/performance or if they would be better suited as pets.  For puppies/kittens as young as 4 months, OFA will provide a PRELIMINARY REPORT.

Information we will need from you:

  • Pre-filled OFA application form
  • A copy of your pets’ registration paper
  • Your pets’ permanent identification number – microchip or tattoo

The day of the appointment:

  • Your pet will need to be fasted overnight for the appointment.  Sedation is required to position your pet appropriately and avoid putting them in any discomfort while taking the radiographs.
  • The radiographs along with the application form with be emailed to the OFA.
  • In general, it will take 3-4 weeks for you to receive the report from OFA.

Hip classification:

  • Excellent – superior hip conformation compared to other animals of same age and breed.
  • Good – this is the most common normal grade (slightly less than superior but hip is still well-formed)
  • Fair – minor irregularities in the hip
  • Borderline – no clear-cut consensus among the radiologists. Recommended to repeat in 6mo for re-submission
  • Mild Hip Dysplasia
  • Moderate Hip Dysplasia
  • Severe Hip Dysplasia

*** ONLY excellent/good/fair are eligible for a breed registration number ***

Elbow Classification:

  • Normal – no evidence of inherited pathologic changes
  • Dysplastic
    • Grade 1 – mild changes
    • Grade 2 – moderate changes 
    • Grade 3 – severe changes


Animal Doctor OFA Testing Provider

Dr. Nicholas Klosterman


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