Animal Doctor Cardiology provides thorough evaluation and treatment for your pet(s). We accept referrals and provide second opinions.

Description: Animal Doctor is now offering echocardiograms (cardiac ultrasounds) to assess your pet’s cardiac health. Contact us today if your pet is in need of these services! 

Symptoms: New or worsening heart murmur, coughing, exercise intolerance, decreased appetite/weight loss, or increase respiratory effort

How to know if my pet needs a cardiac ultrasound? If your pet is newly diagnosed with a heart murmur, your pet’s cardiac health is declining, or other concerning cardiac symptoms are observed.

What does this evaluation help with? With this information, we can better address your pet’s cardiac disease and overall health.

Animal Doctor Cardiology


Animal Doctor Provider

Dr. Klosterman 

Animal Doctor Cardiology

Animal Doctor Cardiology potential treatment plans?

Oral medications

  • Cardiac medication intended to improve cardiac function
  • High blood pressure medications
  • Medications to treat cardiac arrythmias
  • Medications to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Medications to decrease fluid retention in the lungs and abdomen

Dietary Changes

  • We may recommend a prescription diet lower in sodium for your pet based on the cardiology work up results 
    • Potentially h/d through Hill's Pet Foods


  • We may recommend referral to a veterinary cardiologist for further diagnostics or treatments if indicated.
Hills Science Diet h/d

What are the risks if cardiac conditions are left unmanaged?

Without the recommended treatments/medications for your pet's cardiac disease, this could potentially rapidly shorten the life of your pet and decrease your pet's overall quality of life. Your pet may experience worsening symptoms, rapid progression, and potentially death, depending on the diagnosis.


Animal Doctor Provider

Dr. Klosterman 

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Animal Doctor Cardiology