Ear Hematoma Repair

Animal Doctor provides ear hematoma treatment and surgical intervention when indicated. We accept referrals and provide second opinions.


  • AURAL HEMATOMA DRAIN PLACEMENT is a surgical procedure performed under general sedation and involves placing and securing a drain at the location of the hematoma. Ear cytology, cleaning, and treatment are also performed while under sedation.
  • AURAL HEMATOMA SURGICAL REPAIR is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia and involves creating a curvi-linear incision over the hematoma and numerous tacking sutures to prevent further fluid accumulation. Ear cytology, cleaning, and treatment are also performed while under

Symptoms & What to look for: If your pet is shaking his/her head excessively or you notice swelling of the ear, your pet likely has an aural hematoma. You may notice that your pet’s ear appears swollen, red and painful. In severe cases, the pain associated
from the ear infection and hematoma can cause lethargy.

How does it happen? Majority of aural hematomas are a result of an untreated/undiagnosed ear infection from either overgrowth of bacteria, yeast and/or ear mites. Some aural hematomas can develop secondarily from uncontrolled allergies and generalized itchiness.

What questions do we ask?

  • How long have you noticed a problem with the ears?
  • Both ears?
  • How is the pet behaving? Scratching? Shaking? Pain?
  • Previous problems?
  • Recent bathing/ swimming, etc?
  • Have you tried anything at home? When is the last time you cleaned the ears?
  • Any history of allergies?
  • What kind of food are you feeding? How much per day? Table scraps/ treats?

What steps do we take to treat your pet?

  • We will evaluate your pet’s ears to confirm the diagnosis, discuss the options of repair/treatment, and
    provide an estimate for the chosen plan.

How do we arrive at a diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan?

  • We base our diagnosis and treatment plan on results of the ear exam, diagnostic testing results, and the
    overall health of the patient.

Animal Doctor Ear Hematoma Repair potential treatment plans?


  • Subcutaneous or intravenous pain / anti-inflammatory and/or antibiotic medications.
  • Potential oral pain / anti-inflammatory and/or antibiotic medications.
  • Ear cleaning and medication application.


  • Ear cytology to better diagnose the underlying ear infection.
  • When indicated we perform heartworm test, preanesthetic or senior blood and urine testing prior to anesthesia.
    • Intravenous catheter and fluids are recommended for general anesthesia.

Repair of aural hematoma

  • Drain placement, secured in place with suture. Allows for drainage of fluid accumulation, removed once fluid production has ceased.
  • Surgical repair with curvi-linear incision over hematoma and numerous sutures placed to tack skin to cartilage and prevent further fluid pocketing/accumulation. 

What are the risks if an ear hematoma is left untreated?

Without treatment, the hematoma will eventually resorb but will likely leave the ear swollen/misshapen
and more susceptible to future ear infections.