Animal Doctor Endoscopy is performed to further evaluate and potentially help your pet. We accept referrals and provide second opinions.

Description: Animal Doctor now has the capability of Endoscopy. Under general anesthesia, an endoscope is a flexible camera used to visualize the inside of a pet’s esophagus or stomach.

How to know if my pet needs an endoscopy? If your vet is concerned about a foreign body they may recommend an endoscopy to better evaluate the situation.

Animal Doctor Endoscopy
Animal Doctor Endoscopy

What is an endoscope used for?

  • Take biopsies of abnormal tissues for testing

  • Remove foreign material from the stomach or esophagus

What does this evaluation help with?

  • With this information, we can better diagnose diseases of these organs.

What are potential treatment plans?


  • For foreign body removal (gastrotomy, enterotomy)
  • Mass excision

Oral Medications

  • Gastrointestinal protectant medications
  • Pain/anti-inflammatory medications
  • Stomach acid reducers
  • Antibiotics

Dietary Changes

  • These may be recommended based on the findings during endoscopy or follow up testing.
    • Potentially prescription hypoallergenic or low residue diets, canned foods.

Referral If Indicated

  • We may recommend referral to an oncology or a soft tissue surgeon based on endoscopy findings.

What are the benefits of endoscopy vs. surgery?

  • Endoscopy is less invasive than surgery
  • Can help diagnose diseases and pathologies quickly, and can resolve potential blockages of the gastrointestinal tract by removing foreign material.